Announcing Version 1

Cachet has finally made it to version 1, and it's available right now!

Starting as a project that began one very late evening just for myself, to being used in over 30 countries, generating over 4.5 million status tracked events, translated into 11 languages, used by some big names & so much more and seven months later Cachet has become one of the biggest go to status page systems around.

We've been featured on Hacker News twice, ProductHunt, various sub-Reddits, picked up by Smashing Mag and received positive feedback from so many people!

Key Features

Cachet ships with some pretty big features:

And we're just getting started! Version 2 aims to redefine what a status page can do for you - more information will be available on what to expect as we begin work on it.



Excluding ourselves, there have been 50 individual contributors to Cachet. Each and and every one of them have bought something special to it. Thank you!

What's next?

We have a lot of ideas and plans to take Cachet forward, some of which we've openly discussed on various GitHub issues. We'll be reworking everything from the ground up to make incident and component management even better!

Until then, thank you!

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