Author: Graham Campbell

StyleCI support for Vue.js!

Happy 2018! We're kicking off the year with support for Vue.js! That's right, we can now automatically fix code style in .vue files, available right now in our private beta. Our beta now adds support for the following languages: JavaScript Typescript Flow JSX Vue.

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Python Support!

We are proud to announce the availability of Python support on our beta programme, so now you can have totally automated fixing not only across PHP, but across CSS variants, JS variants, and now Python too! If you're interested in joining our beta programme, please

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StyleCI Launches on the GitHub Marketplace

StyleCI has launched on the GitHub Marketplace. Let machines do what they’re good at; never review code style again! It was a pleasure to work with the GitHub staff to make this happen. It's now easier than never to get started with StyleCI. You

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PHP 7.1 Support

Today brings more exciting news for StyleCI... We're now supporting PHP 7.1! Please let us know what you'd like to see next in StyleCI, as we love to hear your feedback. Incase you missed our last blog post, StyleCI recently started to support ordering

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Ordered Imports by Length and More

We're excited to announce some major improvements to our fixers and presets, and finally, the length_ordered_imports fixer! We're also pleased to announce that our docs have had a styling overhall, and now have a public facing major change log available at https://styleci.

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