Author: Graham Campbell

Ordered Imports by Length and More

We're excited to announce some major improvements to our fixers and presets, and finally, the length_ordered_imports fixer! We're also pleased to announce that our docs have had a styling overhall, and now have a public facing major change log available at https://styleci.

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New PR Analysis System

We're excited to announce an important change to the way we analyze PRs. Going forward, we now limit the files analyzed to those modified by the pull request you've made. In order to make a clear distinction between PR and push analyses, we are now

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Direct Fix Pushing

I'm delighted to announce two new automation capabilities in StyleCI. We've introduced an option for StyleCI to directly commit our fixes to your code and skip the pull request out entirely. We've also added an option to squash its fix pull requests when automatic merging

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December Feature Announcements

We’re excited to announce some new features we hope you’re going to love! We hope you’re aware of our ability to send fix PRs with the click of the mouse. We’re now extending this to take the level of automation one

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Notification Levels & Excluding Branches

We’ve been working hard to bring you two new killer features that have been long requested. Today, I announce the ability to configure the level of analysis notifications received on a per account basis, and the ability to exclude branches and prevent StyleCI from

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