Author: Graham Campbell

PSR4 Fixer & Preset Changes

StyleCI is constantly being improved, and one point of improvement we’ve highlighted is the "psr0" fixer. Currently, the "psr0" fixer is enabled if you’re using the "symfony", or "recommended" presets. We’re aware that a significant number of people have PSR4 autoloaded projects

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Linting Configuration

Yesterday, we shipped some major upgrades to StyleCI including file linting. Today, we announce that linting can now be disabled in your configuration. This can be useful if you want to debug why your files are failing our lintings. While linting is enabled, we give

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The Next Generation of StyleCI

Today is the day in which I have the upmost pleasure of announcing availability for the next generation of StyleCI. We've been listening intensely to your feedback. A lot has changed since the previous version, let's take a look! Private Repo Support The majority of

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