Author: James Brooks

apilayer have acquired Cachet

Happy New Year! We have some great news, Cachet has been acquired by apilayer. I'd like to start with a personal apology for the delay in this exciting announcement. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, my day-to-day involvement with Cachet stopped for a few months. This

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Getting started with StyleCI and GitHub

Welcome to our new mini-series "Getting started" where we show you how to get started with StyleCI and insert favourite service here. In this first part of the series, we're going to start with the OG of StyleCI, GitHub. If you'd prefer to watch a

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Public Beta for GitLab and Bitbucket support

After months of work, we're opening a public beta for GitLab and Bitbucket on the StyleCI platform from today. One of the most common questions we've been asked is when we'll offer support for more platforms, so we've quietly worked to extend support, opening StyleCI

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JavaScript, CSS and Vue.js Launch

Today we're excited to announce that StyleCI has levelled up, introducing long-awaited support for JavaScript, JSX, Typescript, CSS, SCSS, Less and Vue.js. Following the beta, new languages are available to Solo, Startup and Premium plans, and to those who helped during the testing phase.

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Introducing the Cachet community

Today we're launching the Cachet community! We love hearing your ideas, chatting about this and that, seeing contributions from people across the globe and moving Cachet forward as it becomes the nucleus of your communication platforms. Cachet is an open source project used by thousands

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