Author: James Brooks


Retry is a new Laravel package from Alt Three which introduces a new command middleware. The Retry package will retry a command a given number of times. Installing Retry composer require alt-three/retry Piping commands through to the RetryMiddleware is very simple if you're already

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Cachet + Spark Post

Spark Post is an email delivery service used by some of the biggest names on the Internet. It provides real-time analytics on your emails, 98% deliverability, and super fast delivery. Before beginning with this configuration you'll need to create a Spark Post account and generate

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Cachet v2.2.1

Today we're announcing Cachet v2.2.1, a small patch release that fixes a couple of issues. The following is a brief overview of the changes: Fixed A bug with collapsed component groups has now been fixed #1683 Numerous language fixes Sync is now the

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Skip CI checks with StyleCI

Today we're pleased to announce support for CI Skipping on services such as Travis CI on Pull Requests made by StyleCI itself. This change will simply append [ci skip] to the Pull Requests that are opened by StyleCI, or for auto merges, [ci skip] will

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Branch specific badges

You can now pass a branch parameter to the StyleCI status badge used in README files etc. As is the existing behaviour, not passing a branch parameter will result in using the default branch. If you want to show

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