Big changes are coming!

Before we talk about the upcoming changes, I want to start by congratulating Joe Cohen on getting married last week, we wish you both all the luck in the world and enjoy your honeymoon!

We've been planning on releasing V1 for some time now, but there has either been a feature missing or some bugs left to clean up before everything goes live. The last big feature that we wanted to get in was the ability for visitors to your status page to subscribe to updates via email. Joe had been assigned that task and had been working on it for a little bit, however he was soon stuck when he realised that we'd need to introduce a queue driver. We had opted for database queue (for now) however Joe soon realised that Laravel 4 does not support that.

Secretly Joe started a new project; he had been porting Cachet to Laravel 5 - something we'd planned to do for V2 - but had not discussed further as we had been focusing on V1.

In switching to Laravel 5 there is one change to Cachet that is not backwards compatible with the existing installations:

The API endpoints are now versioned in the URL: https://demo.cachethq.io/api/v1/components for example.

As it happens, this has always been my preferred solution, however Dingo does not support it, as it versions API via a request header.

What does this mean for code updates?

For the next week or so the master branch will contain the current, Laravel 4 codebase. Any pull requests or changes that we work on should be made to the L5 branch, nothing will change in the master branch during this time.

What about Heroku deployment?

This is currently untested, but don't fear, we're working on this!

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