Clearing up the name

Along with the the guy in the picture above, we've noticed that there has been a lot of confusion in regards to the naming of Cachet. We've taken this on board and we want you to know that we're working on it.

The product, the web application is Cachet. It's always been just that.

CachetHQ is sometimes mistaken, yet understandably used due to our logo. This was a complete oversight on our part - it's easy to mistake it.

So what about Cachet HQ? Technically that's not a thing either. The domain name cachethq.io was used because cachet.io was taken. It made sense to add HQ at the time.

With that cleared up, I can announce our updated logo!

Updated Cachet Logo

We've dropped the HQ from the logo and we've done the same throughout Twitter, Facebook, our website and soon all of our other channels, leaving only cachethq for online identifiers such as:

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