December Feature Announcements

We’re excited to announce some new features we hope you’re going to love!

We hope you’re aware of our ability to send fix PRs with the click of the mouse. We’re now extending this to take the level of automation one step further. You can now enable automatic sending and/or merging of such PRs. This means as soon as you merge a pull request from a contributor with bad code style, or make a mistake yourself in a commit, we can automatically send and merge your fixes without you battering an eyelid. Check out our new automation docs here.

Our next announcement is that we now have a simple way for you to prevent “risky” fixers from being executed. Simply add risky: false to your config, and you’re done. You can now enable automatic merging with the peace of mind that your code will not be broken by heuristic fixers. Note that the only risky fixer included in our presets is the psr4 fixer, but we do have 7 other risky fixers available, all disabled by default.

Finally, there have been a few more minor changes rolled out continuously over the last few months including increased capacity, more fixers, and most recently, the ability to transfer repos between users (available from the settings page for each repo).

As always, feel free to contact us at support@alt-three.com if you have any issues, or suggestions.

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