Diff Truncation


Moving from MySQL to PostgreSQL

After testing StyleCI on very large code bases, we found that MySQL was truncating our diffs. This is not desirable. For that reason, we took the decision to migrate our database from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

During initial testing in our development environment, it appeared Laravel had a bug which caused loss of connections to PostgreSQL.
At this point, it would be counter-intuitive to revert our changes and fall back to MySQL since the bulk of the migration had already been completed and this action would have a negligable affect on the length of our downtime.
As you can see in commit e2124c on the Laravel Framework, you can see the issue stemmed from no connection errors not being piped into Laravel's DB error handler to prompt a reconnect. This swift fix by @GrahamJCampbell was merged by @TaylorOtwell at this point we continued our checks and began to bring the service back online.

After testing with the new fixes to Laravel we fixed a few trivial issues with the schema that became apparent during the migration.
We are more confident, now StyleCI is sitting firmly on top of PostgreSQL, our users data can remain stored securely.

Discarding Existing Analysis Data

During the migration, we did take the decision to discard our existing analysis data due to the truncation issues caused by MySQL.
However, if you need any of that data, feel free to contact us at support@styleci.io and we can provide you with it. We've archived the data for this purpose. However, no longer available through StyleCI.

We greatly apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, but now that we’re on this new system, the probability of similar events occuring in the future is much lower.

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