Introducing Incident Visibilities

We've always described Cachet as a way to become more transparent with the people who use or rely on your system and products. We feel strongly that in order to provide good customer service and a good connection with your users, you shouldn't hold back information regarding incidents or scheduled maintenance.

Whilst we still feel that way, we've seen a lot of Cachet deployments being used in a private setting, whether that's within a small business, used internally, or a large business used throughout several big departments.

That's why we recently pushed the ability to set the visibility of an incident.

Incident visibility makes it easy to show an incident for logged in users only, completely hiding it from RSS, Atom and the API, unless you access the API with your token.

Although this feature is technically complete, we still have some UI changes to add so that private incidents are more obvious to logged in users!

This feature is available now on the master branch!

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