Introducing our new website

Today we're really excited to reveal our website redesign. We've been unhappy with the previous version as I felt that it didn't do justice to Cachet as a whole.

Whilst the current version is much better looking than the last, there is a lot left to do. Currently the website is just one page with links to a download, the demo, this blog and the documentation. It's not particulary doing a lot right now. That will change over the next few days. There is more content and some tidying up left to do.

One of our biggest requirements for the website was to proudly display who is using Cachet. We're all about being a trusted brand and we're extremely proud that people use and love Cachet, so we felt that we should share this.

The website is now using the Laravel 5 framework, with Bootstrap 3 for the frontend. Using Laravel at this point in time, for a single website, may be a bit of overkill, however our plans dictate that we're able to extend the website and having the framework in place provides us with a great starting point when we get to it.

Keep an eye out on the website for these changes!

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