Nearing Version 1

First and foremost I'd like to take a minute to welcome you to our new blog! We made the decision to split the blog from the website - which is currently powered by Jekyll - to a blogging platform which doesn't need to pushed/pulled from GitHub. We chose Ghost because of our familiarity with it.

Back when I started Cachet I had absolutely no idea how big the project would become. I'm constantly blown away by the lovely feedback, the amount of downloads and support from the open source community. Originally I was nervous to release the source code and didn't believe for one second that people would be interested. Words can't describe how excited I am to be writing this blog post!

We're now just a handful of issues away from announcing the availability of Version 1 to everybody.

This epic release contains some great features, including:

We're hoping to get the last of the issues completed over the next two, to three weeks (if not beforehand). Whilst we work on these, we'll also be unveiling our new website.

Last night we announced on Twitter that we'll be moving the demo version of Cachet over to demo.cachethq.io so that we're able to make use of the status.cachethq.io domain ourselves.

And finally we kicked off our first Teespring campaign to get at least 10 Cachet HQ branded t-shirts out there!

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