Notification Levels & Excluding Branches

We’ve been working hard to bring you two new killer features that have been long requested. Today, I announce the ability to configure the level of analysis notifications received on a per account basis, and the ability to exclude branches and prevent StyleCI from analyzing them.

We have 3 levels of notifications to choose from. The first, and default, is “All notifications”. If you select this then we will email you whenever a commit pushed by anyone to repos you are a collaborator on fails your cs checks, or the state of a branch changes, we’ll send you an email. If you select “Some notifications”, we’ll only email you regarding changes you’ve directly caused. If you select “No notifications”, then we’ll not email you about any analyses at all. Note that you will always receive billing related emails and announcements regardless of your preference for analysis notifications.

By default, we’ll exclude your “gh-pages” branch, but now with our new branch exclusion features, you can include that branch again, and exclude any other branch at your preference. Check out our docs for more information: https://styleci.readme.io/docs/excluding-branches.

Additionally, I'd like to remind you that the psr4 present changes are now live as of today. Check out our blog post from 2 weeks ago regarding this change: https://blog.alt-three.com/psr4-fixer/. As always, feel free to contact us at support@alt-three.com if you have any issues, or suggestions.

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