PSR4 Fixer & Preset Changes

StyleCI is constantly being improved, and one point of improvement we’ve highlighted is the "psr0" fixer. Currently, the "psr0" fixer is enabled if you’re using the "symfony", or "recommended" presets. We’re aware that a significant number of people have PSR4 autoloaded projects that aren't compatible with PSR0, and so are having to disable the "psr0" fixer.

Today, I’m proud to announce the availability of a new "psr4" fixer. This fixer is available to use right now. We’d also like to remove the "psr0" fixer from the "symfony" and "recommended" presets, and add the "psr4" fixer to all presets. This is a breaking change, and will affect everyone who’s disabled the "psr0" fixer and using the "symfony" or "recommended" presets, making their config invalid. For this reason, we are giving you 2 weeks’ notice before we make this change.

For those of you who are using the "symfony", or "recommended" presets, and have disabled the "psr0" fixer, we will automatically update your config for you to disable the "psr4" fixer instead of disabling the "psr0" fixer so that your config will continue to work. Note that we can only do this for users using the in-browser config. We will not be making any changes to config committed in your code base in the form of a .styleci.yml file.

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