So many updates!

We've been making a lot of finishing changes before our version 1 release! Sure, it's taken us far longer than we first anticipated, what with working fulltime etc, but we're making big changes and they're worth it!

GitHub Stars!

We hit 2500 stars on GitHub on the 8th June. That's a huge achievement!

Since we've made quite a few changes, let's break it all down.

We're using Laravel 5.1

Cachet has been using Laravel 5.1 for a couple of weeks or so now. We chose to upgrade early (whilst Laravel itself was changing) so that we could better implement some of the following changes.


In all honesty, nobody likes writing tests, however we really needed to write a good test suite before we could make further changes to our API.

Laravel 5.1 made writing tests much easier for us and allowed to us thoroughly test our API before making more changes.

We're loving the new test features that Laravel adds to PHPUnit!

No more repositories = less code!

These are a relic from the early days of Cachet, a pattern that was poorly implemented. Since we never made use of the repositories elsewhere we figured that they were no longer required.

Of course, this could (and likely will) change in the future as Cachet evolves to do more, but right now they're not needed and over complicate the core code.

Ping... pong!

Ping Pong

Cachet has a powerful API architecture and as such we hope to see many applications using it. To accomplish this, we needed to add a special endpoint to test the version of an API that a Cachet deploy is using. It's now super easy to know if an API call is supported or not by simply pinging the versioned URL!


We're so pleased to finally announce this feature in Cachet! It's really cool and opens up a whole new level of transparency with your customers, users or whomever may be using your status page.

In fact, we're that excited that the documentation has already been written!

Special mentions

Cachet isn't a one man product, without our contributors we'd never be as far as long as we are.

Mentioned in a PHP talk!

Rasmus Lerdorf did a talk entitled Speeding up the Web with PHP 7, which you can find here. Part of the talk was benchmarking popular PHP applications, including Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB and... Cachet!

Thanks it for now! Please

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