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apilayer have acquired Cachet

Happy New Year! We have some great news, Cachet has been acquired by apilayer. I'd like to start with a personal apology for the delay in this exciting announcement. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, my day-to-day involvement with Cachet stopped for a few months. This

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Introducing the Cachet community

Today we're launching the Cachet community! We love hearing your ideas, chatting about this and that, seeing contributions from people across the globe and moving Cachet forward as it becomes the nucleus of your communication platforms. Cachet is an open source project used by thousands

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Cachet Installation Tool

From v2.4 onwards installing Cachet just got that little bit easier! You'll now be able to install Cachet through your favourite terminal app. It's as simple as answering some questions! 🚀 This is a sneak preview of an unreleased feature, it may still change before

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Announcing Cachet v2.3.0

Today we're announcing the availability of Cachet v2.3.0! v2.3.0 fixes a major pain point for a lot of installations, the Subscriber's system. Joe has rewritten the majority, ridding the system of the notorious issues that many of you have faced. A

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Cachet v2.2.2

Today we're announcing Cachet v2.2.2, a minor patch release that fixes a couple of issues. A quick run down of the changes: Fixes removal of customization settings #1729 Always show a vertical scrollbar #1726 Fixes an issue with localizations in the settings page

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