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StyleCI + Slack

A while back we quietly introduced a much requested feature... Slack Notifications! StyleCI can now send notifications for enabling and disabling of repos as well passing and failing analyses. Slack notifications are configured across your entire account and can be enabled by visiting your account

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Cachet Installation Tool

From v2.4 onwards installing Cachet just got that little bit easier! You'll now be able to install Cachet through your favourite terminal app. It's as simple as answering some questions! 🚀 This is a sneak preview of an unreleased feature, it may still change before

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Direct Fix Pushing

I'm delighted to announce two new automation capabilities in StyleCI. We've introduced an option for StyleCI to directly commit our fixes to your code and skip the pull request out entirely. We've also added an option to squash its fix pull requests when automatic merging

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Skip CI checks with StyleCI

Today we're pleased to announce support for CI Skipping on services such as Travis CI on Pull Requests made by StyleCI itself. This change will simply append [ci skip] to the Pull Requests that are opened by StyleCI, or for auto merges, [ci skip] will

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Branch specific badges

You can now pass a branch parameter to the StyleCI status badge used in README files etc. As is the existing behaviour, not passing a branch parameter will result in using the default branch. https://styleci.io/repos/7548986/shield If you want to show

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