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Public Beta for GitLab and Bitbucket support

After months of work, we're opening a public beta for GitLab and Bitbucket on the StyleCI platform from today. One of the most common questions we've been asked is when we'll offer support for more platforms, so we've quietly worked to extend support, opening StyleCI

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Retry is a new Laravel package from Alt Three which introduces a new command middleware. The Retry package will retry a command a given number of times. Installing Retry composer require alt-three/retry Piping commands through to the RetryMiddleware is very simple if you're already

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Badger is a PHP package — with a Laravel service provider — that generates badges, commonly known as Shields. The package is tested, easy to use and generates SVG badges for Retina support! The full list of supported badges: flat-square (default) plastic-flat, flat plastic social (without links)

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The recent release of Laravel 5.2 has many welcome additions and changes, we're really excited by it. However, one change — the removal of Separate Commands and Handlers — had a big impact on two of our projects; StyleCI and Cachet. A lot of code has

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