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Introducing the JavaScript beta

We're proud to announce the availability of our JavaScript private beta, adding support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and CSS. We get regular requests for this, and now this is a reality, sitting seamlessly along side our existing PHP support. Help us test this today, and enjoy

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Announcing Cachet v2.3.0

Today we're announcing the availability of Cachet v2.3.0! v2.3.0 fixes a major pain point for a lot of installations, the Subscriber's system. Joe has rewritten the majority, ridding the system of the notorious issues that many of you have faced. A

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Announcing Version 1

Cachet has finally made it to version 1, and it's available right now! Starting as a project that began one very late evening just for myself, to being used in over 30 countries, generating over 4.5 million status tracked events, translated into 11 languages,

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