The Next Generation of StyleCI

Today is the day in which I have the upmost pleasure of announcing availability for the next generation of StyleCI. We've been listening intensely to your feedback.

A lot has changed since the previous version, let's take a look!

Private Repo Support

The majority of your feedback came from a need for private repo support.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. We use GitHub deploy keys, so you never have to add a bot to your account. StyleCI is able to gain read only access to your repo's in the most secure way possible.
  2. By default, we don't even have access to your private repo's. When you signup to StyleCI, we're only asking for public access.
  3. You don't need to be on a paid plan to have access to a private repo, providing that someone else in your organization is.

Faster Analyses

We've dramatically sped up analyses! StyleCI is a tool which shouldn't get in the way of your daily coding lives. It's there to do a job and we believe that it should do it really well and really quickly.

In-browser Configuration

Soon after StyleCI was originally announced, we added support for a custom .styleci.yml file committed to the root of your repo which allows you to customize what should be fixed in your code.

We've now added a way to configure this in-browser! Simply go to the repo settings and paste or edit the config in there.

If you have both a .styleci.yml file and configure in-browser, we'll favour the in-browser configuration allowing you to test new fixers without adding to your commit history.

Header Configuration

We've added the ability to finally fix file headers! This is a special case fixer and cannot be enabled like the others.

To add a new header, go to your Repo settings and set the header comment.

StyleCI Header Configuration


StyleCI has with several default presets and eighty-six fixers to choose from. It can definitely be a little bit confusing, so we created StyleCI Documentation which has everything you need to know.

We're constantly improving our documentation and will continue to update it as new features become available. We'll also be adding more Frequently Asked Questions as time goes on.

Thank you to Readme.io for their support in hosting our documentation on their amazing platform.

Web Hook Repairing

Did you accidentally delete our GitHub web hook from your repo? No problem, we can fix that for you! Simply browse to the settings page of your repo, and click the repair webhook button.

A nicer experience all round

We've completely redesigned every aspect of StyleCI, from the homepage, to your account page, right through to the error pages. Everything is nicer, cleaner.

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